GTA 5 Cheat Codes: Complete List of Cheat Codes For GTA 5 Game Details

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) is one of the most popular action games today. This game has attracted a large number of players around the world thanks to its engaging storyline, beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay. Besides, GTA 5 also has a series of cheat codes to help players complete missions more easily. Below is the most complete summary of GTA 5 command codes.

In GTA 5, players will have the opportunity to participate in an expanded world called Los Santos, based on the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The game allows players to perform a variety of activities such as driving, engaging in criminal activities, completing missions, and even interacting with a diverse and vibrant virtual world. GTA 5 also has an online mode called Grand Theft Auto Online, which allows players to engage in multiplayer activities and build a career in the virtual world.

This game is famous for its complex plot, diverse characters, and representation of animals, motivations, and society in the virtual world. However, it should be noted that GTA 5 also has violent content and is not suitable for all audiences.

Some notes before using codes in GTA 5:

  • Using command codes will affect the player’s performance, so you should consider before using.
  • Do not use command codes in online play mode to avoid being banned
  • Using the command code may cause errors in the game, so you should save before using.

Below is a list of GTA 5 codes:

1. Codes that affect gameplay

  • Revive: Revive on the spot when destroyed. Command code: DEATHCAR
  • Accelerate: Increase speed when running. Command code: CATCHME
  • No healing: Cannot heal. Command code: PAINKILLER
  • Everything Lost: Losing all your belongings. Command code: LOSEIT
  • Fill Accuracy: Increases weapon accuracy. Command code: GOTGILLS
  • Delete wanted stars: Delete your wanted stars. Command code: LAWYERUP
  • Increase wanted stars: Increase your wanted stars by 1. Command code: FUGITIVE
  • Reduce wanted stars: Reduce your wanted stars by 1. Command code: TURTLE

2. Command codes related to the vehicle

  • Concrete mixer truck: A concrete mixer truck appears. Command code: BUBBLES
  • Fighter: A fighter plane appears. Command code: FLYSPRAY
  • Tank: A tank appears. Command code: BANGER
  • Ambulance: An ambulance appears. Command code: AMBULANCE
  • Street robber car: A street robbery car appears. Command code: RAPIDGT
  • Police car: A police car appears. Command code: POLICECAR
  • Police car: A police car appears. Command code: COPCAR
  • Helicopter: A helicopter appears. Command code: BUZZOFF
  • Sports car: A sports car appears. Command code: COMET
  • Armored vehicle: An armored vehicle appears. Command code: TORTOISE
  • Money truck: A money truck appears. Command code: MONEYCAR
  • Racing car: A racing car appears. Command code: RAPIDGT2
  • Commercial Airplane: A commercial airliner appears. Command code: AIRBUS
  • Plane crashing: A plane crashing appears. Command code: SKYFALL

3- Command codes related to weapons and equipment 

  • Machine gun: A machine gun appears. Command code: TOOLUP
  • Rifle: A rifle appears. Command code: BANDIT
  • Knife: A knife appears. Command code: HOTHANDS
  • Unlimited Ammo: Increases unlimited ammo. Command code: TURTLE
  • Armor: A set of armor appears. Command code: TURTLE
  • Bomb: A bomb appears. Command code: BOMB
  • Hammer: A hammer appears. Command code: HAMMER
  • C4: A C4 pill appears. Command code: EXPLOSIVE
  • Water sprayer: A water sprayer appears. Command code: HOPTOIT
  • Backpack containing money: A backpack containing money appears. Command code: BAGOFTRICKS

3. Other command codes

  • Favorable weather: Change the weather to favorable. Command code: MAKEITRAIN
  • Bad Weather: Change the weather to bad. Command code: HOTHANDS
  • Increase playing speed: Increase playing speed by 3 times. Command code: SLOWMO
  • Reduce play speed: Reduce play speed by 1/4 times. Command code: LIQUOR
  • Immortality mode: Allows the character to become immortal for 5 minutes. Command code: PAINKILLER
  • Change the level of police chase: Increase or decrease the level of police chase. Command code: FUGITIVE
  • Super jump mode: Increases the character’s jumping ability. Command code: HOPTOIT
  • Super jump and gravity reduction mode: Increases the character’s jumping ability and reduces gravity. Command code: FLOATER
  • Change the level of receiving props: Increase or decrease the level of receiving props. Command code: TOOLUP
  • Level the character’s membership account to the highest level: Level the character’s membership account to the highest level. Command code: DEADEYE
  • Super speed mode: Increases the character’s running speed. Command code: CATCHME 
  • Change outfit: Change the character’s outfit. Command code: FASHION
  • Change character’s appearance: Change the character’s appearance. Command code: STICKYBOMB
  • Increase game resolution: Increase game resolution to 4K. Command code: HIGHERED
  • Turn off alerts: Turn off on-screen alerts. Command code: SILENCE

Above is a collection of the most popular GTA 5 command codes with different functions, from character support codes, vehicle-related codes to other command codes such as weather or weapon levels. gas. However, it should be noted that using scripts can reduce the gaming experience and affect the balance of the game. You should only use command codes when necessary and limit use to avoid reducing your and other players’ experience.

Below are the latest GTA 5 codes and GTA V cheat codes. If you are playing this game, you should not miss it, it will help you complete and conquer the missions more easily and quickly.

GTA V is a street action game with attractive gameplay through assigned missions and it gathers many “quintessence” from its previous versions such as GTA Vice City, GTA IV, GTA San Andreas,. With many upgrades in features as well as graphic elements, weapons, and vehicles in the game, it will give you a better feeling when using these GTA 5 codes.

Using GTA 5 codes in each mission will help you overcome challenges and complete missions most effectively. Entering GTA V codes is also simple, just enter GTA codes from the keyboard and you’re done.

GTA 5 codes have changed a bit compared to the GTA codes of the previous GTA Vice City version, but in terms of practicality, all codes in GTA 5 provide the best support for players.

GTA 5 Codes, GTA5 Commands, Latest GTA 5 Cheat Codes

Summary of the latest GTA 5 codes and GTA 5 commands so gamers can play the game, do missions and perform many different tricks to make the gaming process more fun.

GTA 5 Character Code Group

Turtle: Full health and armor
Painkiller:  Invincible (only for 5 minutes
Lawyerup : Reduces wanted level by 1 level
Fugitive: Increases wanted level by 1 level
Catchme: Run faster
Powerup : Instantly restores stamina
Incendiary: Bullets fire
Highex: Explosive bullets
Slowmo : Slow motion mode
Skyfall : Appears in mid-air to parachute
Deadeye: Slow motion effect of aiming x 4
TBA: Super high jump/Fast swim/Request full weapon and ammo.
Liquor : Drunk mode

GTA V Command Code Group Of Vehicles And Vehicles

Bandit : Get the BMX
Buzzoff: Get the small combat helicopter
Comet : Get the sports racing car
Vinewood: Get the Limo
Skydive: Get the parachute and press the X button to use
Rocket : Get the PCJ-600 motorbike now

GTA 5 Cheats Free
GTA 5 Cheats Free

Rapidgt: Get the sports racing car now Rapid GT
Offroad: Get the off-road racing car right away Sanchez
Barnstorm : Call the plane to perform the stunt
Trashed: Call the trash car
Deathcar: Get the Duke O’Death
Bubbles car now: Call the Kraken Sub
Extint now : Call Dodo plane immediately

Another Group Of GTA 5 Cheat Codes

Snowday : Smooth road effect
Floater : Reduce gravity
Makeitrain : Change weather
Hothands : Punch to death

– GTA 5 command code only applies to GTA 5 version on PC.
– You cannot use GTA 5 cheta codes to complete or overcome challenges in the game. They only support you in some cases.
– You cannot use GTA 5 codes to make money, all money in the game is only available when you complete missions.
– There is no tool to help you automatically enter GTA 5 codes, everything must be done repeatedly after each new play.

How To Enter GTA 5 Code:

In the GTA V playing interface, press the “~” key, then type the GTA 5 command code you want to use and press Enter to activate the command.

Step 1: Press the ~” key on the keyboard

Step 2: Enter the GTA V code, here enters the barnstorm vehicle code

After pressing the Enter key => the plane will appear immediately.

Besides, the GTA shortcut key is one of the great shortcuts for players to perform quick actions in the game, especially the GTA shortcut key is divided into many different animations for players to easily grasp. . However, once you know GTA 5 keyboard shortcuts , players need to know how to apply them at the right time and at the right time in each case to be able to create the habit of memorizing and becoming more proficient.

For many of you who do not own a machine strong enough to install and run GTA, you may experience low configuration or lag when playing GTA 5. The problem of reducing GTA lag is actually not difficult to solve, but if you want to play GTA 5 on a low-configuration computer, you need to know how to set the resolution and GTA playing configuration to better suit your computer configuration to be able to reduce it. Best GTA lag and smoother gameplay.

Just like GTA, empire is a popular game in the 8x era that also uses empire shortcuts a lot. If you are familiar with empire cheat codes, you will probably never forget empire shortcuts. Helps you build houses, buy people or choose armies quickly.

If you are still playing lower versions of GTA San Andreas, you can also refer to GTA San Andreas codes to help yourself overcome difficult tasks in the game without having to give up and play again taking more time. GTA San Andreas has many commands similar to the latest version of GTA V.

Hopefully, no matter what game you play, readers will know how to apply keyboard shortcuts to play the game better. Good luck !

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